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Our cold-pressed plant oils are the perfect addition to your relaxation regimen. The subtle scent of earth + florals invites calmness and relaxation to find you. Blended with coconut, argan, and kukui nut oil, this french floral-infused oil is nourishing, rejuvenating, and moisturizing.

Apply often to decrease feelings of anxiety or as the bedtime remedy for restlessness and fatigue. Massage oil into skin after bath or shower time. Apply any excess to the ends of hair and cuticles for maximum use.

  1. AFTER SHOWER OR BATH: While skin is still damp, smooth on a few drops to help seal in moisture. Let your body dry naturally, or simply pat dry with a towel.
  2. IN THE BATH: Add to water and soften your skin while you bathe.

Ingredients: caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable derived), aleurites moluccana (kukui nut) seed oil, virgin organic argania spinosa (argan nut) oil, flowers, fragrance/essential oils, tocopherol (vitamin e).

PREGNANT and NURSING women, please be sure to get your physicians approval before using any new skincare products.

Read the ingredients list thoroughly before making a purchase. This will help you avoid any potential reactions if you are allergic to an ingredient. 

The information on these pages are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any medical condition and are not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained physician.