About Us

Demosea (De-Mo-Sea) is the brand of the earth that speaks to those who love Mother Nature and know the power of her elements. Dedicated to clean beauty, founder, Ronni Wilson, shaped the essence of Demosea with pure botanical oils and ethically and locally sourced delicacies from the deserts, mountains, and seas. Wilson launched the Demosea brand in 2014 as So Posh Beauty. Every Demosea product is proudly formulated, packaged, and shipped from the sunny shores of California. The brand evolved into the sleek, sophisticated brand you see today through dedication and diligence.


Mission Statement

We strive to inspire others to live a balanced life through self-care and mindfulness. We believe that at the core of beauty is love, joy, and grace. Demosea commits to sharing the secrets to healthy skin, a happy soul, and holistic living with signature blends, eccentric collections, and trusted ingredients.

Brand Promise

Demosea promises to deliver happiness in every package. We promise fresh, all-natural essentials, beautiful bottles, and a pinch of pretty in each purchase. Our goal is to lead you from the good life to a grand life. Demosea commits to embracing every human being through kindness, compassion, and charity. At Demosea, we share our hearts through our products.

Our Promise to You

*To provide only the best quality oils, herbs, and natural components in our products

*To give you effective products that are good for your body and good for the earth

*To share our story with you in the most honest way we know how

*To serve you with extraordinary service and compassionate interactions


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