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A bath bomb with an uplifting quote and a corresponding surprise gemstone (Scroll down to see the Gemstone Quote Bomb in action). 

For centuries, many ancient civilizations have utilized the power of gemstones to release spiritual, mental, and physical blockages. In our Gemstone Quote Bombs, We have combined the power of gemstones, the benefits of essential oils, and an uplifting quote, all in one bath bomb to help align mind and body. 

Made with all natural ingredients and scented with plant based essential oils, our Gemstone Quote Bombs are the perfect way to unwind. Each bomb comes with a surprise keepsake gemstone and a surprise quote encapsulated inside.

Simply submerge the bomb into the bath, and watch as an uplifting quote and gemstone slowly appears. 

There is an infamous quote that says, "Treat thy self!" We agree. 

4 OZ  BATH BOMBS - Serenity, Positivity, Balance, Happiness 

QUALITY INGREDIENTS - For those with sensitive skin, we don't add any colorants to these bombs and we use all natural essential oils.  Our bath bombs contain the best ingredients including baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, and natural botanicals.