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Watermelon is thought to have originated in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. The first recorded watermelon harvest occurred nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt and is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics on walls of their ancient buildings. This vine-like flowering plant produces vivid yellow and white flowers atop its hairy leaves, and creates the distinctive smooth, oval fruit known right across the world. The fruit that we know as watermelon is mostly commonly red on the inside however can be found with orange, yellow or even white flesh. Watermelons are available all year round and require temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius or above in order to grow, but are at their best during the summer months.

A relative of plants such as the squash, pumpkin and cantaloupe that also grow on vines, the watermelon constitutes only 6% sugar but a hydrating 92% water – ideal for rehydrating during the hot summer months. Watermelon extract can often be found in beauty products such as shower gels, lipsticks and lip glosses due to its hydrating properties. Full of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B6 and C, watermelon is also packed with lycopene and amino acids, all combining to contribute towards healthy skin, aiding the immune system, and benefitting from antioxidants.

The benefits of watermelon for hair and skin include:

1) Promotes Hair Growth

Arginine (an amino acid) is essential in our bodies and helps with blood circulation in the scalp. Watermelon naturally contains a lot of citrulline that increases the level of arginine and is therefore good for promoting hair growth.

2) Prevents Hair Loss 

Watermelon is packed with Vitamin C, which helps your body to use non-heme iron – this ensures that enough iron is in your red blood cells to assist in carrying oxygen to your hair follicles, promoting healthy hair. Collagen is also needed for healthy hair growth and watermelon helps promote collagen formation.

3) Moisturises Hair

Watermelon Seed Oil is a very light oil, which helps to moisturise and works very well in watermelon shampoo.

4) Hydrates Skin

Dehydrated skin can lead to a dull and dry appearance, but watermelon has such a high water content that it helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised. This can help to keep your skin supple and looking great.

5) Acts As A Skin Toner

Watermelon contains a natural substance that helps to shrink body tissues. This essentially means that watermelon is a natural toner that can help to refresh the skin.

6) Prevents Skin From Ageing 

As we get older our skin becomes thinner and less able to recover from damage. Our body is full of ‘free radicals’ that damage cells over time and can attributed to the cause of aging skin. Watermelon is full of antioxidants such as lycopene and also vitamin C and A which helps reduce these free radicals that can slow down the signs of ageing. The consumption of Vitamin A can encourage growth of collagen and elastin cells that helps your skin stay young and supple.

7) Prevents Oil Production In Skin

Sebaceous glands secrete oil that can be troublesome for keeping skin clear. Watermelon is packed with Vitamin A, reducing skin pore size and the amount of oil that your sebaceous glands secrete. Watermelon is believed to help with acne due to this these properties.

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Because of the high water content of watermelon, it works great at hydrating the body and therefore the skin as well. So why not just drink a glass of watermelon juice or eat a slice of watermelon to get the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits it offers?

While its an amazing fruit full of nutrients, when you ingest watermelon, as well as pretty much any product that has antioxidant benefits, you lose a good deal of the beneficial properties. The body metabolizes the watermelon and most of it ends up going to other organs within the body.

Only a very small percentage, usually 1% to 3% ends up making their way to the skin, where it needs to be to work its magic. That’s why it’s great to use it in products as a topical application as well.

Probably the best way to utilize watermelon extract for its health benefits is to do both: eat the fruit and drink the juice for its cardiovascular protection and nourishment, and apply it topically to gain the benefits of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


By using its powerful antioxidant properties, watermelon extract helps your skin look its best. Skin cells damaged by external factors such as UV rays need help to regain their collagen and elastin proteins in order to prevent skin sagging and hyperpigmentation, also known as age spots.

The best way to prevent photoaging is to use sunscreens with effective SPF numbers, 15 or higher, and wear clothing that protects the skin from direct exposure to sunlight. All of the antioxidant properties in the world can’t do what simple prevention can do for the skin.  

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of products containing watermelon extract can help restore the skin to a more vibrant, firm, and youthful glow. The benefits of watermelon for skin are varied and will help you achieve the goal of looking your best.


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