How to Retain Length & Minimize Hair Breakage

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How to Retain Length & Minimize Hair Breakage
My Big Chop Story: 
After I had my daughter my hair started to thin and it never really recovered (see first picture). It still grew long, but it was so thin. It also was severely heat damaged from years of flat ironing. One day, I decided enough was enough and I went in the bathroom and cut my hair to a little afro (see picture 2). Present day, my hair is thick and I am retaining a lot length (see picture 3). I am often asked how I grew my hair out so fast after my big chop. Today, I wanted to share some quick tips on hair growth. After all, the scalp is skin too. One of the major keys to hair growth is a healthy scalp. 

Tip #1: Take care of your scalp. Your scalp is skin too. You should treat your scalp with as much care as you do your facial skin. Keep your scalp clean, hydrated and moisturized to minimize scalp debris. For me, my scalp is really sensitive, so I have to wash my scalp with shampoo every week. I co-wash my hair strands. Remember shampoo is for your scalp. Conditioner is for your hair. 

Tip#2: Deep conditioners and hot oil treatments should be your BFF. I deep condition my hair every 2 weeks or at least once a month. The deep conditioners help strengthen strands and hot oil treatments provide necessary moisture. If you need to this more often, do it! Pay attention to what YOUR hair needs. 

Tip #3: Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize: I cannot stress the importance of keeping your hair moisturized. Dry hair is prone to breakage. I like to use a moisturizer with water as one of the first ingredients. My hair is not a fan of butter heavy products. I apply my moisturizer to damp hair and finger comb it through. I apply our Hair Nectar Growth around my hairline and our Hair Nectar Moisture and Shine once I finish styling to give my hair a nice luster. I do not apply oils to dry scalp and hair. 

Tip #4: Minimize Manipulation: This is a big tip! Be careful with detangling. Use a lot of conditioner when detangling, use your fingers first, and follow up with a wide tooth comb or ez detangling brush.
In regards to styling, I often tell people that I leave my hair alone. My scalp does not like ponytails, braids, or anything confining. My scalp itches like crazy and becomes really sore. This is all an indication that my scalp is not a big fan of these styles. However, even though I don't use common protective style, I don't manipulate my hair. I only touch my hair once a week. I use a satin bonnet at night or whenever I am home. In the morning. I take off my bonnet and fluff. When it gets closer to wash day, I may take my bonnet off and shower so that the steam can dampen my hair a little. This helps to refresh my curls. From there, I will add a little oil, fluff, and go. Basically, I don't do a lot of manipulation. Too much manipulation can lead to traction alopecia and breakage. Leave your hair alone.

Now, I know many Youtubers and hair gurus's have a lot of rules and diy tips, but as a person who recently big chopped and  as a licensed cosmetologist, I am just telling you what is working for me. These tips have helped me minimize breakage and retain length. I went from a brush full of hair when I detangled to barely any hair in the brush when I detangle now. My hair went from above my ear short to arm pit length. I am not so much concerned with length as I am with thickness. I love that my thinning hair is now flourishing. 

I hope these tips help.

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