Getting Back to the Basics

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Getting Back to the Basics
Hey Girl Heeeeeey,
Ronni here! It feels like it has been a minute since I showed my face around here. If you've been ordering, you know that we have been silently working, so you know we haven't completely disappeared on you.  I took some much needed time to rest and to think about the future of Demosea and how to serve you better.Since I started my journey in skincare, nearly 10 years ago, there has been an influx of skincare brands and "gurus." While the wealth of information on the internet can be amazing and educational, it can also be overwhelming. Overwhelming for you and most of all for your skin. The insurmountable misinformation has continued to grow as well. Whether it is the latest DIY,  new skincare craze or buzzwords, you are constantly being inundated with new skincare products.
Over the past year I have answered your questions and concerns, and even consulted you. I realized that many of you feel LOST in skincare. It has always been my goal to make skincare honest.... practical...simple. No one should feel confused about something as close to them as their face.
At Demosea we are redefining basic. In January, we are focused on being intentional with our skincare goals. It starts with getting back to the basics. We have a new challenge launching  on 1/20 and would love for you to join. Stay tuned for the announcement. Be sure to Join our facebook group Demosea-skincare 101 with Ronni. In the comments below answer this question, how are you going to be more intentional with your skin health this year? 


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