Here are some quick tips to get ready for the harsh winter weather: 


1) Cut down on excessive bathing, especially in hot water: Hot water increases transepidermal Water loss which can disrupt skin barrier and lead to dry skin. 
2) Select a gentle body cleanser, preferably a cream body cleanser. Cleansers with detergents lead to dry skin. 
3) Exfoliate less (about 1x a week only) - Too much exfoliation can disrupt the skin barrier and also lead to transepidermal water loss. 
4) Use an oil cleanser - Science teaches us that oil dissolves oil and oil based cleansers can get rid of hard to remove SPF, make up, excess oils, and dirt. It also acts as a nice emollient. 
5) Use a more occlusive moisturizer - Using a heavier moisturizer will help prevent transepidermal water loss. Make sure to apply when the skin is still wet. 
6) Buy a cool mist humidifier - This helps keep moisture in the air in your home. 
7) Be mindful about using the heater in the car and space heaters. Heat can really dehydrate your skin.