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1. Keep moisture in the air: Our skin is the barrier that keeps water inside of our body, so when it is really cold water evaporates off the surface faster. To prevent dryness, use a humidifier and up your water intake. 

2. Use gentler products: If you are reading this you are probably already doing that, since Demosea' specializes in gentle skin and hair care products. I love our Luxe Fragrance Bundle for Winter time, because it includes a gentle body wash, an In-shower lotion for locking that moisture into your skin right away, and a whipped body butter which is a heavier product that will trap moisture in all day. For face, you want to use our double Dual Cleanse Kit and our Gem Serum. 

3. Avoid Hot Bath or Showers: Hot water evaporates very quickly. If you don't moisturize immediately, the cracks in the allows the nerve to get exposed to air resulting in what they call winter itch which feels like a lot of tiny paper cuts or similar to the skin condition eczema. If you do take a hot shower, do so with the door closed and make sure to moisturize with a moisturizer like our In-Shower lotion or After shower Lotion Bar. 

4. Upgrade to a Heavier Moisturizer: Applying a thick moisturizer is essential to keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day. If you use one such as our Whipped Body Butter, which is made with heavy butters such as Shea and cocoa butter it will mostly last all day. Layering on an oil prior to applying a thick cream moisturizer does a better job of trapping hydration all day. 

5. Exfoliate less: Your skin is compromised during the winter due to the cold dry weather, so over exfoliating will just make it worse. It would be beneficial to exfoliate because it allows your moisturizer to penetrate better, but only do it once per week. 


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