I Am My Own Sacred Space.

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I Am My Own Sacred Space.

A Sacred Space does not have to be a physical space that you build. It can within you. Being your own sacred space means honoring yourself above all others. Putting your physical and mental well-being first. Here are a few ways I started to focus on being my own sacred Space:

  1. I put me first. In all things, I considered how it would make me feel.

  2. I let go of toxic people. Even the people that were really close to me. I had to let them go.

  3. I created boundaries. Some of those boundaries included not answering my phone after 10pm. For years I dealt with extreme anxiety when the phone rang late. It always felt like bad news. Some people would call me late, just to vent and I would answer....thinking it was bad news and it was nothing more than a lovers spat with a friend or something petty with another family member. I decided everyone's emergency was not mine. 

  4. Connect with nature by hiking once a week. I hike on the beach once a week to clear my mind. There is something about the ocean that makes all of your problems feel much smaller. I also love the fresh salty air and the feeling of the sand beneath my toes. It all grounds me in a sense. 

Here are ways I plan to add to my inner sacred space:

  1. Meditate twice a day. 

  2. Get the adequate amount of sleep.

  3. Drink more water.

  4. Eat more greens.

  5. Find a great therapist.

If you are finding yourself feeling burned out, over people, feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed, etc,  you need to step back and focus on you.Remember, you teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself and what you allow. 

Do you have an inner sacred space? How do you honor yourself? What do you hold sacred? If you don't, What do plan to do to create a sacred space within you? comment below. I'd love to know. 


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